I LOVE this client. I mean it! Based on Montessori philosophy, Voila Montessori is reinventing children’s experience in their own home. In term of marketing, the concept became a logotype. Then, we designed and built a responsive website. We launched a free online event with interviews of 24 child development experts. We created landing pages and a social media strategy. 7500+ parents from 100+ countries signed up for the event. 78,681 page views in two months, 3400+ Facebook members in private group. Finally, we increased the email list from 700 to 8000+ in a few weeks. Online webinars, video tips and free resources for parents, public speaking exposure are next.

“Obviously a great asset to my company. Passion, creativity, self-discipline, I would absolutely recommend Joel to anyone looking for a talented creative brain.”
– Jeanne-Marie Paynel, Founder & CEO of Voila Montessori


Branding, Responsive Website and Online Marketing

Voila Montessori Branding and Responsive Website