UX Speakeasy… It was not that easy!

Logotypes, marks and branding projects are always exciting. These are the beginning of a new company, the birth of a brand or a new chapter for an existing one. Clients come to designers after years of hard work to create the final touch representing all their past efforts and future successes. With this kind of trust in your hands, you better have to do a great job. At least, that is my commitment when I start any project. With the UX Speakeasy group, I had a clear idea of the challenge. Dealing with a large, educated crowd of “designers of things”, I knew I would get plenty of smart feedback to distill into one coherent design. In addition, to convey a contemporary concept (UX for User Experience) with 1920’s underlined references (Speakeasy Era) was a graphical challenge on its own. Modern and retro in a nutshell. After a few months of work and some rounds of revisions, we succeeded.

To get there, I follow a step-by-step process; a pragmatic approach to understand the scope of the project, to create and to deliver well-thought marks and logotypes. Brand positioning, well-designed graphics and appropriate combinations of colors are some of my tools to reach my clients’ expectations. Finally, understanding the feedback while explaining my ideas and convictions is the key to deliver a result the stakeholders will be pleased with.

Special thanks to Chad Q. Martin, Bennett King, Mike Fleury and the UXspeakeasy community for their trust and support.

UXspeakeasy branding and logotypes