By UX Speakeasy & Verve – Panel With Virtual Reality Industry Experts


The most recent UX Speakeasy event threw us headlong into the surreal and fantastic world of virtual reality. Hosted at Verve Mobile‘s brand new office in Carlsbad, California, it was a great opportunity to meet key leaders and pioneers in this industry . The event was a chance to discuss the history and current state of this emerging technology, as well as to experience the gripping new medium firsthand; to examine how UX and UI may interact with Virtual and Augmented Reality in the near future. Of course, in honor of Comic-Con week, the discussion included the impact of VR on the gaming scene as well.


The main panel was moderated by Dr. Mark Ollila and featured Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie, CEO and founder of All These Worlds,LLC, Ciaran Foley, CEO of Immersive Entertainment, Jason Riggs, CEO of OSSIC, and Per Nordgren, UX Design Lead at Mirum Agency. These experts from the trenches have brought VR to its current state where it is being adopted, even embraced, in a broad range of industries, experiences and markets. As a global phenomenon like Pokémon Go just invaded our real and social worlds, Virtual and Augmented Reality gets closer to us than it has never been.


Photos from my coverage of this event can be found on flickr. Thank you to Verve Mobile for hosting the event at their fantastic new offices, and to UX Speakeasy for putting together this event.

UX Speakeasy / VR Panel