Jöel Paynel


Art Direction  .  Web & Print Design  .  UI Design

I began working in Graphic Design 25+ years ago in Paris. My roots are as an Advertising Art Director but I have adapted to our constantly evolving design world. Innovative technology is now part of our visual and aesthetic surroundings. Even if ideas, harmony, typography, and simplicity remain the pillars of proper design I have acquired a multifaceted understanding that allows me to navigate comfortably between classic media, digital platforms and emerging marketing needs. As Art Director, I have worked in large advertising agencies in Paris, including EuroRSCG and I have been involved in advertising campaigns for accounts like Évian, Lego, and L’Oréal. I moved to the US to discover new opportunities and challenges, learn and share perspectives, and successfully adapt to a new culture. I was partner and lead designer at a local web firm for 14 years. For the past three years, my team and I have been serving global and local businesses successfully. Learn More on LinkedIn

Skill Sets & Proficiencies



I love great photography, I am moved by emotional short videos, I appreciate clever concepts and I enjoy navigating well thought out websites or any interactive interfaces. As we follow grids and we benefit from Bootstrap framework or other templates, our challenge is how to bring the consistency, the usability to human-computer interaction without dismissing the emotional part of all human’s communication. Using a digital media or browsing a site should be an effortless and intuitive experience, while the content, the colors, the visuals should depict a great story sparking the light we all need to engage in any pleasing interaction.


I understand this subtle balance. I have been involved in a wide range of online and print projects, mobile apps, websites, software development as well as branding and online marketing campaigns for the past 20+ years. From wireframing to delivery, I have contributed to the planning, art direction, design and in some cases to produce photography or video during all these years. I consider myself an expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign for more than a decade. A few years ago, I learned Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, Premiere Pro, After Effect and I am currently following Maya 3D classes. In the meantime, I can edit HTML, I understand the concept of CSS, responsive design, JQuery slideshow or Javascript functionality. Finally, you will not find me on Facebook but I am aware of the power of Social Media and web analytics data to monitor and track the performance of specific marketing efforts.


Details To Know

– Education

Académie Charpentier – École d’Arts Appliqués de Paris
Bachelor’s degree, Graphic Design, Art & Photography
1984 – 1988

Advertising, Typography, Illustration, Live Drawing & Painting, Photography, etc…


Institut Notre-Dame
French Baccalaureat, Literature/Art

1981 – 1983


Beaux-Arts Chartres Museum
Drawing & Painting Classes
1981 – 1983



– In my spare time

 – Testimonials

“There are many great designers, but where Joel really excels is during the process. He is a careful listener and thinker, a patient and generous collaborator. His insight and valuable perspective always come without ego. In the end his work reflects not only his skill but his understanding of everyone’s needs and input, the strategic business goals and the subtleties of the technologies involved.”

– Brian Copperman,  Senior Online Marketing Manager