joel_paynel_user_interface_art_director_slider_ossic12 Jan 2018

Ossic 3D Headphones

After a successful KickStarter campaign (3.5Mo), OSSIC is producing the first 3D headphones. I have developed the new brand and established the design language to communicate across all media and platforms. I have designed the new apps (iOS & Android) to control the headphones from a mobile phone. Finally, I am working on the website to showcase the headphones, to make the product and content such as music, games and videos available for purchase, and

CES 2017 Joel Paynel - UI & Visual Designer5 Jan 2018

Consumer Electronic Show

Consumer Electronic Show - Got Connected   If your latest great idea is to develop a new flying drone; think twice! At CES, I have seen so many of them, GoPro should have not wasted time to build its own. Maybe an underwater one would have been a better approach… But PowerVision just launched PowerRay, an underwater drone to redefine recreational fishing. Virtual Reality, electric and self-driving cars, 3D printing, robots, wearables and everything else