black_belt_judo10 Oct 2014

A long road to wisdom…

VERSION FRANÇAISE: en bas de page   We all have our parallel, secret lives and I have mine. But today, I reached a milestone which I felt was worth sharing. I have been awarded with a second black belt in martial arts.   In 1986, I received my first black belt in judo and I just earned another one in taekwondo. I missed a few social events, happy hours, diners between friends and some family

xeriscaping in San Diego by Joel Paynel12 Sep 2014

Garden 3.0

"Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are." - Alfred Austin   Garden design? That may sound odd at first, but designing a garden requires exactly the same thinking, the same process than designing an online experience or anything creative: a vision, the ability to work with space, to combine colors, to imagine the end result and to anticipate evolution and growth. In fact, a garden is an interactive media by