babystep tv mobile app, an online university for parents, was looking for help to improve their overall branding. It started as a casual discussion a few months ago. The project was really interesting, but I did not have the resources to jump on the task at the time. When a few team members flew to San Diego from Moscow, we met and I felt I could not ignore the trust and the appreciation this group was showing to my work. Through the process, I did not only deliver a mark and logotype but a complete brand vision and assets which will influence the visual representation of the company. I have now developed 52-page brand guidelines for their team around the globe, a responsive website, and a mobile app.

“…Joel is one of the most consistently creative and professional designers I’ve ever worked with. His ability to synthesize inputs from virtually any source into a design is fantastic. [He] never ceases to amaze with the breadth of his skills:…in our case, expert software user interface, are all within his capacity.”
– Charles Gillespie, Serial Entrepreneur,

MY ROLE – Brand Development, Information Architecture, Prototyping, Mobile App Interface, E-commerce Website Design, Online Marketing, Video & Animation

– Prototyping & Mobile App Design (iOS / Android) mobile app

– Logotype, Business System & Brand Guidelines (52 pages) logo and Chinese version business system brand guidelines

– Responsive Website & Email Marketing responsive website and online marketing