Logos & Branding


Logo farms flourishing on the web represent an affordable solution. But a strong identity is more than a logo. It is the foundation of a branding exercise which goes way beyond a few letters on a business card. A meaningful logo mark, a carefully chosen font, and a relevant blend of colors are often the seed of a concept which will shape the visual representation of a company legacy. You need to work with someone who understands these subtleties. A well-thought mark will be used as a graphics stamp throughout the entire marketing material; a strong idea leading to additional illustrations, modern infographics & data visualization. Well-combined fonts and colors will express fashion or technology, effort or comfort, fire or water. There are as many interpretations and feelings as shades, fonts styles, and weights. Every company, every logo, every designer’s sensibilities are different but there is a few rules and processes to build a strong, consistent identity. Below a few of the clients who trusted my expertise and my ability to understand their needs.

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