Voila Montessori Branding
Based on the Montessori philosophy, Voila Montessori is reinventing children’s experience in their own home. We developed a brand and we built a responsive e-commerce website. We launched a series of free online events with interviews of 90+ experts in child development. We created landing pages, social media strategy, PPC campaigns and Facebook ads. We increased the email list from a few thousand to 20k in 2 years.

“Obviously a great asset to my company. Passion, creativity, self-discipline, I would absolutely recommend Joel to anyone looking for a talented creative brain.”
– Jeanne-Marie Paynel, Founder & CEO of Voila Montessori

MY ROLE – Brand Development, Information Architecture, E-commerce Website Design, Online & Social Marketing, Photography & Video

Voila Montessori ecommerce Website

Voila Montessori Online Event

– Webinars & website

Voila Montessori Responsive Website


– Photography

Voila Montessori Photography

– Prototyping & Desktop Online Application Design

Voila Montessori Online Tool Prototype