babystep_joelpaynel_creative_director15 Jun 2015

Branding for

I have started to work in the Children's industry by designing VoilaMontessori's branding a few years ago, an interesting business reinventing the user experience of children in their own home. This collaboration led to meet who were looking for help to improve their overall branding. It started as a casual discussion a few months ago and even if the project seemed really interesting at the time, I did not have the resources to jump

Voila Montessori Branding, responsive website, online marketing26 May 2015

Voilà Montessori

I LOVE this client. I mean it! Based on Montessori philosophy, Voila Montessori is reinventing children's experience in their own home. In term of marketing, the concept became a logotype. Then, we designed and built a responsive website. We launched a free online event with interviews of 24 child development experts. We created landing pages and a social media strategy. 7500+ parents from 100+ countries signed up for the event. 78,681 page views in two