UXspeakeasy branding and logotypes8 Jul 2017

UX Speakeasy Branding

UX Speakeasy… It was not that easy! Logotypes, marks and branding projects are always exciting. These are the beginning of a new company, the birth of a brand or a new chapter for an existing one. Clients come to designers after years of hard work to create the final touch representing all their past efforts and future successes. With this kind of trust in your hands, you better have to do a great job. At

UXspeakeasy - "Is Design Metrically Opposed"4 Feb 2016

UX Speakeasy – Jared Spool

"Is Design Metrically Opposed?" Talk by Jared Spool - UX Speakeasy Event   If you don’t know Jared Spool, you may be new to UX, because he is one of *the* authorities in experience design, and we were excited to host him at UX Speakeasy this February 3rd at Qualcomm.   As part of our UX Easy Speaker Series, Jared answered the question "Is Design Metrically Opposed?” Regardless of the topic, Jared always entertains, educates